Infinity BC system 20, 30 or 40 whit plate

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HALCYON Infinity System 20/30/40lb set

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Infinity System 20/30/40lb set HALCYON

Intended for divers using a single cylinder with a plate.The two-shell bag is very durable (both layers are made of high-weight Nylon). Equipped with one integrated inflator and one over-outlet valve.

The entire structure has an additional adjustment option.

Complete displacement system Halcyon Infinity System consisting of:

  • Eclipse wings 20, 30 or 40lbs (14 or 18kg);
  • steel or aluminum plate to choose from;
  • the board has a soft lining;
  • harness;
  • soft padding on the back with a pocket for a buoy;
  • single bottle adapter (STA);
  • soft shoulder pads;
  • 2 belts for attaching the bottle to the adapter;
  • 2 ballast pockets..P

  • Najlepszy do: Nurkowania z pojedynczą butlą w każdych warunkach Nurkowania wrakowe.
  • Dostępne wyporności kompensatora: 14l
  • Wyporność: 14l
  • Typ butli: pojedyncza
  • Maksymalna pojemność: 12 litrów

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