FLARE 5.2 Halcyon Standard

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FLARE Halcyon  flashlight whit charger.

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The Next Evolution in Primary Dive Lights!

After 3 years of development, Halcyon is setting the standard for primary lights again!

LED is difficult to focus.Instead of pushing a lot of power to the LED diode which is inefficient and generates a lot of heat, Halcyon invested time and resources in developing a LUX engine generating a high intensity, focused bean while consuming 1/2 of the power of 21w HID lights.

With more of the light focused into a tighter location, Halcyon LED primary lights easily outperform 21w HID lights.

Halcyon applied this LUX engine in two new products:

The Halcyon Flare uses a fixed beam in a compact housing for those customers seeking high quality performance on a budget.

A typical burn time on a 5.2ah pack is 5.5 hours.LUX at 1 meter is 39,000 and at a 5 meter distance is 1,550 (focus at max power).

charger included

  • Accumulator 5,2 Ah

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