FOCUS 2.0 Flashlight Halcyon 5,2 Ah whit Charger

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LED FOCUS 2.0 5,2 Ah Flashlight Halcyon

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LED FOCUS 2.0 flashlight Halcyon


 Focus and Flare flashlights symbolize the arrival of a new era among LED lighting.

Thanks to the unique LUX engines, these new flashlights use two headlamps and Fresnel lens to ensure maximum focus and significantly reduce energy consumption.

 Focus flashlight gives twice the power of 21 Watt HIDs, with half the energy consumption.

When using weaker light, energy consumption drops to just 15%.

Focus Halcyon introduced a new LUX engine in the Focus flashlight.

The Halcyon Focus has a fully adjustable beam of light that allows divers to shift from a focused beam of light to

wide-angle lighting used in photos or movies.


 Focus consists of three sealed elements, insulating the LED member, driver and cable.

High performance is ensured by a fully adjustable handle that fits both the right and left hand.

Power comes from a small but powerful battery that provides more than five hours of full power.

With a solid housing and such high performance it is hard to believe that the flashlight

weighs only 1.3 kg and is therefore ideal for travel light.


The most important features:

  • Lithium battery 5.2 Ah.
  • 5.5 h lighting time
  • 39000 lux at a distance of 1 m (Focus at max. Power)
  • Three-stage switch
  • Weight 1.3kg
  • Goodman handle included.
  • Version Handheld

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